Tara + Aury, Wedding, Spicer MN

I don’t even know where to begin, there are so many great moments to share and I tried really hard not to overkill this post with images. Sorry, but I just can’t help myself!
We were absolutely blessed to be there, to document and witness Tara and Aury exchange their earnest vows under the subtle glow of golden light. Their promises to love and take care of each other were pronounced at the garden which was gardened, created and well prepared by Aury’s mom for this very reason under the shade of lavish greens, tons of candles, flowers, rustic trees and the setting sun.

Outside of Minneapolis in Spicer MN, Aury and Tara gathered their closest family and friends to celebrate their intimate wedding. Their beautiful wedding was held on the property where Aury grew up, his parents home. Their first look happened under Aury’s tree that was planted there for him many years ago on his day of birth. During the ceremony, Tara and Aury planted their own tree symbolizing the joining of two lives into one. Can this get any better?

We used every bit of this large property for their beautiful pictures as you will see. We took photos in the field, woods, under the apple tree, cherry, and pear trees, it was amazing. As I remember Tara said, “let’s go and take photos in the woods and everywhere, I don’t care if my dress gets dirty” to hear that it was music to my ears and my creation opened up to another level! They are amazingly perfect for each other. She looked stunning and he was the one. We felt the love in the air as soon as we got there, you can feel the lovely vibe emanate from the pictures. Decorations with organic elegance planned by them both were so perfect for this rustic styled wedding. Photographing this couple gave me many more reasons why I love my job! It was quite a wedding, full of love and celebration.

What a joy to witness the sheer giddiness as they became husband & wife!

Spicer MN wedding by minneapolis wedding photographer

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